Respite Care can be defined as a temporary rest period. Respite is a level of care that is offered and provided when the caregiver needs temporary relief from the care of the patient. Senior Hospice Care, Inc. hospice contracts with specific facilities to provide the respite level of care. The patient is moved to a contracted facility for a brief period of respite, no greater than 5 days. The plan of care generally is not changed, only the setting for care changes, allowing the daily caregiver a reprieve from the responsibilities of care for a short period of time.

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Senior Hospice Care is accredited by The Joint Commission.

The continuous care level of care is initiated when the patient experiences symptoms that need on-going monitoring to control and manage. A nurse or aide will care for the patient at the bedside for a minimum of 8 hours per 24 hour period and can be as much as 24 hours per day. This level of care is short term and is provided for the period of time it takes to get the symptoms under control.

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The inpatient level of care is provided as needed in a contracted facility for patients that require a higher level of skilled care to manage uncontrolled symptoms. This level of care is also short term. Patients that require support in managing care and symptoms can be moved to a facility that is contracted with Senior Hospice Care, Inc. for inpatient care.
Routine Home Care is the level of care provided most often for the hospice patient. This level of care monitors patient status from visit to visit, keeping the care plan updated to meet the needs of the patient and family.